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Procareer takes pride in delivering top specialists for high standard Software development and maintaining ideal circumstances to flourish with your remote capacity in Spain.


Talent acquisition and remote capacity services.

We share quality time!

Talent acquisition services

Attracting software development specialists who will make your wishes come true.



Your own software development specialist(s) in Spain.

Following your requirements Procareer facilitates your specislist(s) in Spain, They are directly managed by you.



Team players with the right skills

We support our clients by attracting the right people for their software development.


Passionate specialists who have next to the required technical skills, the drive for continuous learning and the capability to be a team player with a focus on continuous delivery of valuable software.

Take initiative, be agile, be curious, communicate and listen, share knowledge/opinions, possess social consciousness and act with a positive attitude.

With our remote capacity services our highest priority is to maintain ideal circumstances for the specialist(s) to reach their full potential.

Being Procareer we advocate continuous learning and teamwork. Our ambition is that the specialist(s) recognize their time at our client as a fundamental step in their career(s). 

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