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Our Talent acquisition services

Our mission is to attract software development specialists who make a positive impact on team performance for the continuous delivery of valuable software.

Each team composition starts with a thorough talent acquisition process. We connected through the years with a substantial number of (potential) highly qualified IT specialists, our Talent pool. Time after time we have proofed that we are specialists in sourcing, headhunting and the actual recruitment of the right specialists.

Next to the required technology skills, we select on personality, hands-on service mentality, the ability of continuous improvement, agility, and as software development is a team effort our candidates should be recognized as team players.


We are used to present our first candidates within 2 weeks after accepting the assignment.

Talent acquisition for companies in Spain

Our knowledge of the Spanish market and society and being able to reach most IT specialists in Spain makes us an ideal partner for companies in search for the right people to join their organisation. We helped several foreign companies in Spain with the talent acquisition of their development capacity. We always succeed in presenting the required candidates.

International talent acquisition for companies within the European Community.

As a true representative of your company we are specialized to connect and guide the recruitment of IT specialists from the European Community (E.C.) countries and even specialists from outside the E.C. .

Your own software development specialists in Spain 

Whether you need one developer or a full team, We are able to deliver the exact resources you need in a matter of weeks – not months.. You decide who will be hired. Our goal is to introduce candidates who are committed to your success. You may decide to contract the specialists working from their home or share an office. Working from home results in a lower tariff (no office expenses) and in this case the search area for the ideal candidate(s) is not bound to an office location.

Our talent acquisition process


In our sourcing process we make use of our extensive network and go through thousands of profiles. Based on our experience and skills in screening profiles we are always able to create the best talent pool for our assignments. To have a great talent pool 

is a good start but without the right invitations to the potential candidates it doesn't have any value. For our process we create a detailed vacancy with a true representation of our client, the project  and the vacant position. After a thorough study of the profile of the candidate we send a personal invitation with the vacancy as attachment.


When a potential candidate responds the recruitment starts. The recruitment process is aligned with our clients wishes. In general it starts with a meeting between Procareer and the candidate, than the first meeting between the client with the candidate, followed by a technical test and the second meeting with the client, finally when all agree - the offer. With international recruitment a visit (journey) of the candidate to the company is common practice. Of course we can adjust our process to the wishes of our client.

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