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We have extensive experience in recruiting and working with teams with the below mentioned technologies. Our talent pool is filled with good candidates for these technologies: 

  • Salesforce - Vlocity - Copado

  • Java –  with all components of the Spring framework

  • C# – all components of the .NET framework 

  • PHP – with frameworks like Laravel, Symphony, CodeIgniter 

  • Cloud technologies – like AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba 

  • Cross platform / Mobile App. development – Ionic, Xamarin among others

  • Frontend technologies – latest frameworks of Angular and React among others

  • SQL and NoSQL

  • Python, C, C++, Kotlin, SAP ABAP...


When you are in need of a specialist for a different technology as mentioned above, we will investigate if we can help you out. When the right  specialists are availability in our network / the labor market in Spain, we are confident that we succeed in delivering the capacity you need.

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