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Location in Spain

Working from home or in an office in Spain...

In case your IT specialist(s) working from home the search area for the talent acquisition of your specialist(s) could be the whole of Spain and your operational costs will be lower. When you choose to have your team working from an office you have to decide about the office location in Spain.

Cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia have an extensive software development scene where most of the technologies are represented by a good number of talented software developers. 

Procareer has their base in Logroño, capital of La Rioja in the north of Spain. Although cities like Logroño have fewer talented software developers some of the technologies are well represented, salaries and office rents are about 20% lower compared to Madrid and Barcelona and in these regional areas people are less tempted to change jobs.

Most important ingredients for your decision where to set up the office for your development specialist(s) are:

  • The availability of the right software developers

  • Operational costs (salaries and office rent costs)


For all areas/cities of Spain Procareer can give a good indication of the availability and salary of the kind of specialists you are looking for. 

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