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It’s our task, our professional and social responsibility, and added value for our clients and specialist(s) to enable and maintain the circumstances for employee engagement. It is generally known that an engaged workforce of talented people is more productive and will increase the level of success.

At Procareer we have a special focus on the norms and values, supporting a fluent communication and a pleasant ambiance. We facilitate the specialist(s) in a way that they can unleash their full potential, stimulating creativity and productivity as an individual and as a team member.

Some of our guidelines to stimulate Engagement:

  • A healthy work- private life balance. 
    We provide a flexible work schedule with the restriction that it should be in line with the wishes of the client. 

  • We stimulate continuous improvement.
    Individual, as a team and as company, all to the benefit for all involved. 

  • Open door policy.
    Everybody is welcome to talk to management for ideas or concerns and management is transparent in their communication, no hidden agendas.

  • Being a TEAM.
    Communication should always be respectful, helping each other when possible, knowledge sharing, self-managing teams where every voice counts (agility).

  • Transparency.
    No hidden agendas

Procareer sees it as the special task of all involved to respect the above mentioned guidelines of engagement. We are confident that by following these guidelines we will overcome challenges which could contradict engagement.

At Procareer we advocate the 5 “Good Deeds” for purpose driven companies as stated by Dan Pontefract (thought leader):

  • Delight your customers.  -  best practices, working with and for the customer

  • Engage your team members.   -  as they are the ambassadors of the companies purpose

  • Ethical within society.  -  decisions made with respect for key moral principles

  • Deliver value not just profit.  -  unleash the creativity and productivity of team members

  • Serve all stakeholders.  -  customers, team members, the community, environment and owners alike



Our purpose is: 

“Driving high performance following the "Good Deeds" and facilitating

continuous development/improvement for all involved”.

Most essential for Procareer's purpose is to enable the specialist(s) to be, or become, engaged as part of the clients company. The people working for Procareer are our ambassadors. They delight our clients customers by being engaged, ethical, creative and productive...

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